Our Story

When Jeremy and Diego met, they discovered a shared interest in cryptocurrency trading, and quickly understood there was a need for an intelligent real-time news platform in the sector.

Together they decided to bring their combined expertise in crypto-trading and investing to create Crypto Terminal, a product based on scalable growth with a commitment to superior engineering design. They leveraged the latest advancements in machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing to deliver the most intelligent, real-time news feed for unstructured data, initially applied to crypto. They use data-mining across a plethora of sources to instantly deliver the market-moving news and events that matter most. Their platform brings context, clarity and structure to both fundamental and technical data-sets for the crypto and digital asset markets. With all of the tools in a unified dashboard that is fully customizable, users can optimize their workflow and never have to leave the webapp to get all the news and data they need. Crypto Terminal gives you the power to correlate news with price and make instantaneous investment decisions.

Meet The Team

CEO & Cofounder
CTO & Cofounder
Business Operations & Marketing
Head of Research
AI Engineer
Head of Graphics
Software and System Engineer

Careers at Crypto Terminal

Want to join a cutting edge company at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry? We’re looking for the best talent in the industry to help grow our real-time crypto platform that is powered by AI technology and some of the best developers in the world.

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