Crypto Terminal API

Want to plug our API into your existing platform or want to tap into our technology? Our bespoke API can offer you real-time news, anticipated price movements, triggered alerts and much more.


Websockets provide you with LIVE information. Connect to our web socket channels through Javascript, iOS (Obj-C), iOS (Swift), Android, or React Native.

Filter News Headlines by Symbol

Example usage –,

Filter News Headlines by Source

Available sources – twitter, hashtag, rss, ai, scraping, cryptoterminal.
Example usage –

Filter News Headlines by Symbol

News carefully filtered by an AI based algorithm.

Filter News Headlines by Importance

Available levels – low, normal, high, critical
Example usage –

All Crypto News

News without any filter.

Filter News by Topic

Available topics – exchange, influential, news, price_action, coin, technical_analysis, corp, hashtag.
Example usage –

For complete Websocket documentation visit here.


Our REST API gives you historical comprehensive information. Plug directly into our Crypto Terminal and get real-time cryptocurrency alerts, key digital asset headlines, and real-time prices for 20,000+ crypto trading pairs.

API Methods – Alerts

  • getAlerts
  • getAlertsByCoin
  • getAlertsByCoinAndExchange
  • getAlertsByExchange

API Methods – Headlines

  • getHeadlines
  • getHeadlinesByCoin
  • getHeadlinesBySearchString
  • getHeadlinesBySource

API Methods – Price

  • getPrice

For complete API documentation visit here.


Our real-time crypto headlines widget takes in the key macro news and events going on in the digital asset market. Our technology looks for crypto news and events that will have an exponential impact on price. Our alerting system is triggered immediately after the information is released.

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