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Crypto Terminal Tutorial: Block Orders

A block order is a large order placed to buy or sell a large number of coins. Block orders are generally used by institutions or big investors.

Our block order data is listed in an order book style and displays all inflows and outflows. Is it also displayed in a graphical view. The block order widget gives you access to see the big block orders going on in real-time and can be filtered by the exchanges of your choosing.

This gives you direct insight into where the biggest players in the market are positioning themselves so you can react to that information. The graph gives you a visual view of longs vs shorts so you don’t get caught up on the wrong side of the trade.

The information is displayed with the symbol, exchange, assets, price, value, and time. You can adjust the date range to give you information on larger time frames. For example, you can see the long vs shorts over a week or month timeframe. This gives you insight into the longer term trend and how buyers and sellers have shifted over time.

The exchanges and coins that are shown are completely customizeable with the click of a button.

Our block order widget will give you the insight you need to see where the big players are putting their capital in the market.

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