Crypto Terminal Tutorial: News V1

Crypto Terminal Tutorial: News V1

The first news layout of Crypto Terminal is the horizontal layout. It is broken down into different tabs: all, headlines, news, Twitter.

The ‘All’ tab is an area for all the news in one spot. The ‘Headlines’ tab is only for main headlines coloured in orange. With this tab users can cancel out all the noise and find the news that matters most. The ‘News’ tab is where all the news is that has been scraped through RSS feeds. Here you will get the important headlines as well as the not so important but great for keeping an eye on the whole industry. The ‘Twitter’ tab has all the news coming from Twitter. It includes the author account and hashtags associated with each post.

You can toggle between only showing top news and showing all news in all tabs. You can also filter by date, source, and coin. The date filter can serve as a time machine as you can search news from the past. This is really good for searching days when certain cryptos made big moves and seeing what news drove that to happen. There is also a settings icon where you can toggle on or off different options to filter the news further.

All news comes in real-time so you never miss the top headlines happening in crypto. You will see the exact time the headlines came in and how much time has elapsed since the headline.

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