Crypto Terminal Tutorial News V2

Crypto Terminal Tutorial News V2

Layout 2 of our news widget is the second generation of this widget. We are constantly improving our technology and service. The news tab features everything from exchange news, regulation news, market news, and other macro news events.

The coins tab features all news events relating to all cryptocurrencies.This includes developments, executive team, and other important news that impact each coin. This allows you to keep track of any coin in your portfolio or on your watchlist and get real-time news on the projects.

The research tab gives you information relating to the market. This includes news from leading analysts, top writers, legal experts, and other industry participants.

The social tab gives you real-time updates on your favourite Twitter influencers and traders allowing you to stay on top of the social scene.

The most important headlines in each column are coloured orange to easily distinguish between the influx of news coming in real-time. You can toggle between having only the top news in each column or having all news shown.

One of the best features about this widget is the search tab. This gives you the ability to search keywords relating to the news you want to see the most.

Just like layout 1, you can filter by time using our time machine feature so you can look at news for certain dates. You can also filter by coin and source. For example if you want all news from Forbes or Bitcoin you can filter by those categories and you will get that information.

Key Feature

One of the key features using this widget is our backtesting feature. With the click of a button, you can view all the past related news to the current headline of your choosing and see the price action on all timeframes for that particular headline. For example, if a headline comes out about Ripple, you can backtest to see other headlines about Ripple and see how those headlines impacted the price. This gives you a great advantage in your analysis as you can see how news has affected the price in the past and have a better idea of how it will impact this time around. You can also stay relevant on which headlines are impacting price action and which are not.

Be in the know

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