Crypto Terminal Tutorial Price Quotes

Crypto Terminal Tutorial: Price Quotes

The price quotes widget gives you real-time price quotes for every coin available on the market. You can search prices for every exchange as well. For example the Bitcoin price may be slightly different on Bitfinex and Coinbase so you will be able to see both price quotes.

The price quotes table also shows data for open price, low and high of the day, volume, and price percentage change. You can toggle and see data for different timeframes including 1 minutes, 5 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, and 1 day. This gives you the ability to see how any coin is doing for multiple timeframes which is very important for technical traders.

You can customize your table with the coins and exchanges you want with an easy one click for each. You can also see the price of a coin related to all the other coins on the table which is great for trading pairs and coin analysis.

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