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Get news feeds and articles from all major crypto news providers that Crypto Terminal has integrated with. You can also retrieve full lists of categories and keywords, a fantastic way to filter through the 4 million news headlines in our database.


Our API returns the current price of any cryptocurrency and all the trading info (price, vol, open, high, low etc) for the requested pairs. We provide pricing data for 3,000+ coins and 20,000+ currency pairs from over 100 exchanges.

Historical Data

Get daily, hourly and minute historical data, daily data at any given timestamp, daily average price based on hourly VWAP and total daily and hourly exchange volume. As well as historical news data so you can correlate it with price.


Create custom server-side alerts for anything you want like important headlines, specific keywords or hashtags, market data for any of the coins and pairs that we offer, volatility, block order trades, and more.

Content Distribution

Distribute your content to our customers and other institutions across the globe. No need to do any of the heavy lifting, we will work with you to custom-tailor a solution for us to be able to easily access your content in an automated fashion.

Content Reselling

Are you interested in offering your paid content to a wider customer base that includes other institutions and researchers? We offer the ability for your content to be re-sold and syndicated through our platform and network.

Why Crypto Terminal?

Our wide range of news and market data includes over 4 million headlines, cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain data, social data, and historical data. We ensure the integrity and accuracy of our data through rigorous processes such as frequent API testing, monthly exchange reviews and anomaly reporting.

Crypto Terminal’s APIs provide highly reliable and scalable endpoints, reaching 180 million requests per hour at peak times and collecting 300+ trades per second. We have 30k+ clients connected to our live streaming data and 300 servers to support the load. We also have redundancy measures in place to maximise up-time.

Our infrastructure is running on multiple servers across several GCP and AWS data centres to ensure the fastest data delivery and the lowest latency possible. We have a robust backup infrastructure with redundant hosting and multiple servers to failover for maximum reliability.

Our API endpoints are encrypted through SSL so user traffic is secured when requesting data. To ensure maximum security, we also sign the API requests and require registration and the generation of an API Key. We take security very seriously and have implemented bank and military-grade solutions.

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Hedge Funds & Trading Firms

Plug into our API and stay ahead of real-time macro events that shift the market exponentially.

Retail Traders

One stop shop for all crypto traders that want an edge over the competition and want to be at the forefront of major market moves.

Educational Institutions

Just like our AI technology improves from every new piece of data, your students can use Crypto Terminal to expand their knowledge around the digital asset market.

Market Researches & Analysts

Along with our own analyst team, our technology provides researchers the ability to find key macro events that affect the market and cause new trends.

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