The crypto winter that characterized the whole of 2018 has not prompted investors to lose faith in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. After a failed upgrade in 2017, it is likely that Ethereum’s much-anticipated Constantinople hard fork upgrade has the blessings of

This in-depth 2018 cryptocurrency year-in-review takes a closer look at how the ten-year-old market performed throughout the year. There were so many talking points such as the decline in digital asset prices, the refusal of the U.S. Securities and Exchange

The U.S president, Donald Trump has appointed a new White House Chief of Staff who has a pro-crypto history. PayPal, one of the most used and trusted online platform for sending and receiving international payments has partnered with Coinbase to

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will have a hard time to reach the mainstream if it does not have the blessings of regulators and politicians. Two French parliamentarians want the government to invest €500 million in blockchain initiatives in the

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