Digital assets, designed to disrupt the financial industry, find themselves at the brink of being integrated into the existing financial system. Today (Feb. 14), JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest financial institutions in the United States launched its cryptocurrency

Malta, one of Europe’s smallest islands played a leading role in setting the trend for enacting pro-cryptocurrency regulation that benefited the nation’s economy. According to a report, Malta had the largest trading volume in December last year ahead of well-known

The Constantinople hard fork upgrade supposed to go live in January has been delayed to the end of February after a security report showed that the proposed upgrades have a security vulnerability that could lead to hackers stealing funds. Overstock,

It is very difficult to have a permanent position on an investment asset and Jeffrey Gundlach, a Bitcoin critic has just proven that after predicting a 25 percent surge in Bitcoin’s price. After trading above $4,000 for a few consecutive

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