Our Technology

We bring structure, context, and clarity to both fundamental and technical data sets for the crypto and digital asset markets.




statistical analysis Statistical Analysis

We perform statistical analysis on keywords to understand what is important and what is not. Our sophisticated and proprietary headline rating system utilizes our technologies to ensure accuracy and importance.

natural language processing crypto Natural Language Processing

We leverage the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the context of headlines. We even monitor government agencies to find and understand crypto relevant information.

AI machine learning crypto news Neural Network

We have built one of the fastest neural networks in crypto to digest news, detect relevance, and rate importance in nanoseconds. Our AI has been built with high-frequency trading firms in mind, but we have given this power to all our users.

curated digital asset news Analyst Curation

We process every single cryptocurrency headline each day from the key data sources in the digital asset market. Our top-notch crypto analysts review each of them so that they are curated for quality and importance. We then utilize this data to continuously improve our AI system.

Be First To The News
Receive market moving news the second it is released.
We monitor over 8 main data sources including regulatory bodies. Say goodbye to Twitter.
Understand The Sentiment
Is this news good or bad for the market or coin?
We filter the news for you so you no longer get information that is not related to crypto or digital assets.
Perform Technical Analysis
How does the news and technical analysis align?
We categorize the news for you. We understand what is important and what is not and alert you if your holdings are affected.
Execute The Trade
Fundamentals - check. Technicals - check.
Correlate the news with the market price. We inform you of price change and the news impacts the price.
Mitigate Risk
No more chasing.
Trade with the smart money and enter before the mainstream media picks up the news and acts on it.
news crypto twitter


Twitter is a great tool for crypto traders and investors, but it becomes unusable with a poor signal-to-noise ratio. Crypto Terminal monitors Twitter to filter and curate only the relevant and important tweets from cryptocurrency and digital asset sources and analysts.


Hashtags have become a valuable means of identifying relevant information for cryptocurrencies and digital assets across the web. We monitor social media to power our sentiment analysis tools and algorithms to predict probabilistic outcomes of news being market-moving and impacting your crypto holdings.


We scrape hundreds of websites to get you the most relevant and important information as quickly as possible. As crypto traders ourselves, we understand that time is money and getting the news the fastest means getting the best price for buying and selling crypto assets and mitigating portfolio risk.

News Outlets

We have a comprehensive list of all the major news sources across the internet. If anyone writes an article about crypto and publishes it online, not only will we detect it, but we will determine the importance and notify you in real-time if it potentially can impact your holdings.

Search Engines

We leverage the power of Google and Yahoo search engines to get your every single piece of crypto and digital asset news. Our system integrates with their search engine APIs to deliver you with the most relevant news. But we don’t stop there – we take that news, we process it, we categorize it, and our AI algos give it an importance rating.


Getting only crypto news headlines is not enough. We also give you tools to analyze cryptocurrency market data like Bitcoin price and volume. What is really special about our solution is that we correlate these elements into a simple and intelligent alerting system that will be triggered and notify you when you need to know.


We monitor all the key sources online to keep you up to date with what is transpiring from a regulatory standpoint across the globe. We consume data from over 35 sources including regulatory bodies, governmental agencies, and banks such as the SEC, CFTC, and HKTDC.


There are many popular blogging sites used by the crypto community such as Medium and Steemit. Many of the top crypto fundamental and technical analysts post in-depth articles on these platforms. We make sure to monitor each so that we are able to deliver you with the best, curated posts.

Data Sources

We use data-mining techniques to consume content from every crypto source that matters.

Crypto Terminal is a company specialized in gathering and digesting crypto news headlines and market data. We consume and contextualize all the important fundamental and technical data-sets from 8 core source categories. This ensures that you have access to all of the information for your crypto trading, investing and researching needs.

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