Our Technology

Monitor, Inform, Execute

We use data-mining techniques to consume content from every crypto source that matters.

Crypto Terminal is a company specialized in gathering and digesting crypto news headlines and market data. We consume and contextualize all the important fundamental and technical data-sets from 8 core source categories. This ensures that you have access to all of the information for your crypto trading, investing and researching needs.

We Monitor

Machine Intelligence & Proprietary Algorithms

We perform statistical analysis on keywords to understand what is important. Our sophisticated and proprietary headline rating system utilizes our technologies to ensure accuracy and importance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We leverage the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the context of headlines. We monitor government agencies for relevant information.

AI & Neural Network

We have built one of the fastest neural networks to digest the news, detect relevance, and rate importance in nanoseconds. Our AI has been built with high-frequency trading firms in mind, but we have given this power to all our users.

Analyst Curation

We process all cryptocurrency headlines each day from key data sources. Our crypto analysts review each one so that they are curated for quality and importance. We then utilize this data to continuously improve our AI system.

We Inform

Data Sources

After we gather and digest news from sources like Twitter, social media platforms, search engines, blogs, news outlets and regulatory bodies. We share with you the curated information via our alerting system.

Crypto Terminal

In a market where every second counts. We have a proven track record that we capture the news before any other platform and before the market moves.

smart alerts
Alerting System

Aside from prompting alerts within the Terminal, we can deliver the news to you in your preferred channel. Be it via email or sms.

Split Second Decisions

Our platform keeps you on top of significant market changes, providing the opportunity to make split-second decisions with our terminal.

Now You Execute

We have built a platform with the essential tools crypto traders and investors use on a daily basis including real-time news feed, charts, market data, block orders, sentiment analysis, headline price prediction, headline sentiment, and custom alerts. The terminal is continuously learning through AI technology to deliver you the most important headline news that will impact the market on a macro level. Make better, faster, and more intelligent investment decisions to manage your digital asset and cryptocurrency portfolio.

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