The Terminal

Crypto Terminal is Market Intelligence for Digital Assets

We have built a platform with the essential tools crypto traders and investors use on a daily basis including real-time news feed, charts, market data, block orders, sentiment analysis, headline price prediction, headline sentiment, and custom alerts. The terminal is continuously learning through AI technology to deliver you the most important headline news that will impact the market on a macro level. Make better, faster, and more intelligent investment decisions to manage your digital asset and cryptocurrency portfolio.

crypto news for bitcoin and ethereum


crypto news

Real-time crypto headline news feed that you can search and filter.

crypto charts

Interactive charts of all digital assets for your technical analysis.

crypto market data
Market Data

Analyze data like Bitcoin price and volume from a hundred exchanges.

smart alerts
Smart Alerts

Receive customizable alerts for things like important headlines news.

bitcoin volatility
Volatility Detection

Get volatility warnings to identify potential pump and dumps in crypto.

time machine
Time Machine

Go back to any date or time to correlate crypto news and price.

block orders
Block Orders

Identify large crypto buy and sell orders across multiple exchanges.

drag and drop
Drag, Drop, Resize

Customize your dashboard for the optimal layout and workflow.

Crypto Terminal

Maintain all of your market research, technical analysis, and trade alerts in one simple to use platform.
Crypto Terminal

Real-Time Headlines

Never miss information or global events. Get alerted on market moving news in real-time on any of your preferred coins or filters.
real-time crypto news

Price Analysis

Break-down price movements in multiple coins with intraday momentum filtering features.
crypto price analysis

Price Alerts

Correlate news with price action. Breakdown price changes by intraday time frames to indicate when momentum is entering the market.

Block Orders

Correlate buyers vs. sellers in the market. Get block order data on where the inflow and outflow of money lies on all trading exchanges for all your digital assets and cryptocurrencies.
crypto block order data

Use Cases


If you are new to digital assets or a crypto noob:

  • Use our real-time crypto platform to get a feel for what is going on within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry
  • Stay up to date with the latest Bitcoin and Altcoin trends and news headlines
  • Track the coins that you are interested in like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple
  • Get alerts for the most important crypto news events and price changes


If you are more familiar with crypto and the digital asset industry:

  • Access the real-time crypto news feed with all the important digital asset headlines.
  • Do your technical analysis for every coin including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple using our charting tools
  • Analyze real-time market data of over twenty thousand crypto coin pairs across a hundred different crypto exchanges
  • Customize your alerts so you get the critical, market-moving news before anyone else


If you are professional or institutional crypto trader and investor:

  • Use advanced search and filtering for the real-time news feed to find the information that matters most to your portfolio
  • Utilize our time machine tool so you can go back and correlate crypto news and price action
  • Set up your custom alerts so they trigger on specific keywords about your crypto assets
  • Fully customize the layout of your dashboard to get all the information you need about your digital assets in real-time, all on one dashboard
  • Utilize our AI technology that is continuously learning which macro events impact cryptocurrency prices the most
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