API Integrated Exchanges

Trade on the most popular crypto currency exchanges all from one place and with a single account with Crypto Terminal Trade. Leverage our complete suite of trading, technical analysis and portfolio management tools, all from one single platform.







Get The Right News To Make The Best Trades

Customers can have peace of mind, as we have developed our system with bank grade security and encryption for our clients private keys. Crypto Terminal Trade and it’s advanced portfolio is cloud based and deployed through google’s global network of data centers for fast and reliable execution.
API Trading
Portfolio Management
Trade Alerts

Trade On Top
Exchange Platforms

Trade on multiple exchanges within our terminal.

Act instantly on significant market events and make split second decisions with our low latency API trading engine. 

Portfolio Monitoring

Our our high performance API based trading system enables portfolio monitoring in real time for an individual exchange or an aggregate for all your connected exchanges. Crypto Terminal is geared to make you successful in trading the crypto markets. With our Intelligent real time news, in depth market data, block orders and now our low latency API trading engine (CT Trade) – all the pieces have been put together for you to succeed.

Be informed and make profitable decisions

Make smarter, faster, and better investment decisions with the latest news and market data.

What Makes Crypto
Terminal Special

Market Intelligence for Digital Assets

Quickly monitor data sources from all corners of the Internet, from regulatory bodies to digital asset exchanges, and social networks. Highly filtered and curated information is then delivered to you in real-time, enabling you to act instantly.

Fully customizable interconnected intelligent platform

  1. Monitor
  2. Inform
  3. Execute
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