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Why We Started Crypto Terminal

Ever since I first came across Bitcoin in 2012, I have immersed myself in the world of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain technology. My background is in business, but I have spent the better part of the past decade as a successful global macro and crypto trader.

I have a firm understanding of how global markets work, and most importantly, I have extensive experience using the tools and services built for traders, investors, and analysts.

Originally, I had anticipated finding similarly sophisticated products in the crypto space, but everything currently in the market fell short from my expectations. Although there are other companies trying to build tools and technology that can help both retail and institutional crypto investors make better-informed decisions, there is still no optimal solution that meets my needs and those of fellow traders and investors.

This is why my co-founder, Diego, and I have embarked on building Crypto Terminal – the leading market intelligence platform for digital assets.

Solving the issues faced by both retail and institutional crypto traders is not an easy feat. There are numerous market complexities that make the world of cryptocurrencies uniquely difficult to navigate as opposed to traditional capital markets.

In crypto, we have non-traditional return drivers, unique market participants, volatile price action, market fragmentation, underdeveloped trading infrastructure, and idiosyncratic mechanisms of how assets move between wallets and exchanges.

But most importantly, this is a market that has yet to mature where FOMO, FUD, and emotions run high. They have a materially strong impact and correlation with price and volatility. This creates an environment where instruments are extremely event-driven, and traders need to be able to react to news in a split-second.

Accessing this type of information when it is most vital becomes an overwhelmingly difficult task for many due to the fragmentation and noise that exists in the fast-moving, ever-evolving emerging digital asset industry. Market-moving news and insights are spread out across multiple unstructured data sources including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, news sites, governmental agencies like regulatory bodies, and blogging sites like Medium.

This information overload and fragmentation, coupled with the confusing and unique types of structured data, like on-chain transactions, make crypto a truly unprecedented financial market.

It was while learning the ins and outs of global macro trading where I determined the impact and importance that events and news can have on my success in the markets. Having a firm understanding of what is happening on a global scale in real-time is a fundamental requirement for identifying opportunities and mitigating risk.

This is why we first started building out the marquee feature for Crypto Terminal, our AI-powered news feed.

We leverage the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing to bring you the most advanced and intelligent real-time news feed for everything crypto and digital assets. We use data-mining across numerous sources across the web to deliver the market-moving news and events that matter most.

Our platform brings context, clarity, and structure to both fundamental and technical data-sets for the crypto and digital asset markets. With all of the tools you need in a unified dashboard that is fully customizable. You can optimize your workflow and never have to switch between browser tabs and windows again. You now have the power to correlate news with price and make better, faster, and smarter investment decisions.

We have assembled a world-class team of leading engineers, traders, and operators with backgrounds in AI technology, global macro trading, computer science, aerospace, engineering, crypto market research and analysis, quantitative development, and statistical math. We work hard every day to provide our customers with the essential tools for traders and investors alike.

We are currently in public beta and would love for you to try out our platform, which is available at Join our community to help us build out a platform that enables you to make better-informed decisions when it comes to your crypto and digital assets.

– Jeremy Adler, Co-Founder & CEO

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