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Crypto Terminal

News Feed

Our AI algorithms comb multiple unstructured data sources to deliver to you in real-time the market-moving news that matters.

Market Data

We give you access to live market data for +2k cryptocurrencies as well as charting tools for you to do your technical analysis.

Smart Alerts

Our system will notify you when there is important headline news, when volatility increases, or you can set up custom alerts.

The Platform

Crypto Terminal is your all-in-one dashboard for everything crypto.

We consolidate all the tools investors, traders, and researchers use on a daily basis giving you a unified platform to optimize your workflow and streamline your activities. Access all the important fundamental and technical data in real-time via our web application, email, messaging platforms, and our streaming API. Some of the data sources included are:



News Sites




crypto news for bitcoin and ethereum
The Plaform

24/7 Audio Feed

Live Squawk

Our squawk service is an audio feed that will deliver up-to-the-second headline news and market data making sure you never miss a beat.

Hot & Not


View visualizations for all sorts of data to get an overview of what is currently trending when it comes to price and market data.

Fully Automated

Pattern Recognition

See them magically appear on your charts and get alerted when patterns like head and shoulders, wedges, and flags are forming.

Advanced Orders

Trade Execution

We are building advanced order types and algos to help limit risk, speed execution, time the market, and simplify your trading.

Track & Manage


Import from exchanges and wallets or manually input your holdings and transactions to view asset allocations, performance, get insights for improvement, and more.

Identify & Analyze

Risk Management

Pinpoint your investment objectives and tolerance for risk to quantify the potential for losses so you can take the appropriate actions for mitigation.

Analytics & Tips

Trading Journal

Receive actionable and fully personalized tips on how to adjust your trading strategy and become better by understanding what is working and what is not.

Selling & Buying


Browse the marketplace for profitable trading strategies and algorithms, educational courses offered by some of your favorite experts, and custom indicators.

Upcoming Features

It is our mission to build the leading all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, and researchers.

Features currently available are the news feed, charts, market data, and custom alerts. The additional features found here will be released in the coming months, with even more in the pipeline. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have an idea for an awesome feature!

Our Technology

We have an experienced team with backgrounds in product, engineering, finance, and trading empowering us to provide you with the most advanced and sophisticated market intelligence platform for the digital asset industry. By leveraging leading-edge technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence we are able to bring structure, context, and clarity to both fundamental and technical data sets.




Data Sources


Trading Pairs
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